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About company

First we introduce ourselves to you. 


We are a small family business, which deals with bus and van transports. We started with our activity in 1986. During this time, the number of employees and also the number of vehicles has increased.

Today, the company operates with



 All of them are experienced drivers. Our employees are carrying transports in Slovenia and also in foreign countries.

We cooperate with



 We cooperate with agencies from Slovenia and foreign countries, with schools, societies, firms and individual customers.


We defeat financial distresses successfully and we have credit evaluation AAA already third year.

avtobusni prevozi klemencic

The company is now more recognizable to the outside with the logo KLEMENČIČ - bus and van transport 

KLEMENČIČ - Bus and Van Transport

All our vehicles are modernly equipped and offer all the "accessories" that the passenger needs during his bus transport or bus trip to the selected destination. Thus, we have air conditioning on the buses, a refrigerator as well as an indoor toilet. You can also use USB ports and screens to watch your favorite DVDs. VIP Mercedes transport will satisfy even the most "demanding" passengers.


4 large modern tourist buses
3 minibuses
3 vans

VIP vehicles

avtobusni prevozi klemencic
transferji na letalisca in pristanisca 1

In the past year, we have updated the fleet with 4 new VIP vehicles.
With them you can take short or long trips around Slovenia or abroad.

For us, no European country presents the problem of not being safely brought to the desired destination. We carry out our comfortable bus services both in Slovenia and abroad. Our passengers discovered the magic of the Balkans, admired the mighty fjords in the beautiful and sometimes very cold Scandinavian countries, and we also visited many other European countries. In addition to longer tourist trips, we also offer transfers to airports as well as ports. We also offer school trips, transport to competitions or various celebrations like,... birthdays, weddings, business meetings.


For long or short trips in Slovenia or foreign countries.

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vip mercedes prevozi klemencic 2 1

We offer bus and van transport for:

  • Excursions

  • Trips

  • School trips

  • Competitions

  • Weddings

  • Business meetings

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Transfers to airports

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najem prevozov za podjetja avtobusni prevozi klemenicic

For companies we offer:

  • Transport of business partners

  • Transport of workers to and from work

Want more? No problem!

Our team is available for you for all eventual questions, on which we will be happy to answer, and find a solution together.

Please contact us by e-mail: prevoziklemencic@gmail.com
or by phone +386 (0)31 655 -629 – Lovro.

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